Geared Motor

Best BLDC Motor for the money

With planetary gear, more powerful

Highly durable with minimized noise and heat

Planetary Gear?

A gear system composed of Sun Gear, planetary gears,
and internal gear

The benefits of Planetary Gear

Several times as powerful as an ordinary gear the same size so
as to deliver more power to the load.


Modularized for easy maintenance

Simplified design for low error rate and high durability.

Semi-permanent by minimizing consumable parts


Multi purpose controller with precise control and various functions

Useful functions such as speed control, break control, loop detector and others

BLDC Motor controller with high performance microchip and FET motor driver.


Stable and durable power transformer

  • Input : 220V
  • Output : 24V (120W), 12V (10W), 12V (10W)

Surge Noise Filter

NSF-100 highly stable surge protector, noise filter