Unique Crash Protection,
Smart and Versatile
yet Reasonable Price

Designed to minimize the damage of vehicles and barrier gate by adopting Body Spin Design of High speed Toll road traffic barrier.

Equipped with a planetary geared motor and simplified mechanical structure to realize a smart, robust and durable barrier gate

Smart features of controller enabling various functions

BS-5000 Specialties


  • A safe leading-edge barrier gates that rotates in both directions (entrance/exit) for protection.
  • The upper body and the bar spin at 45˚ (max) in both directions to minimize the damage of the
    vehicle and the barrier.


  • Highly durable cutting edge mechanism
  • Mixed with aluminum and steel to create more sophisticated, stable and solid mechanism

3 fold harder Planetary gear

  • Using high quality planetary gear 3 times as durable as ordinary gear.
  • Able to deliver many times more power to the load.

Smart BLDC controller with multi-functions

  • Providing smart motor control and various options
  • Useful functions including speed control, break control, and loop detector

Unique Crash Protection & Restoration

Body Spin Design

BS-series enables the immediate rotation of barrier gate and minimizes the damage of the vehicle and the barrier,
and the barrier gate gets restored immediately to normal status to minimize the down time from the vehicle crash.